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The course for organ scholars

Late Summer

When you become an organ scholar you join a long and distinguished tradition of musicians. Many conductors, soloists, choir trainers and practitioners have benefited from the intense experience of an organ scholarship at university or at a choral foundation. But making music at a high level can be demanding, especially if it's your first experience of performing to professional standards; and it can be difficult to balance performing commitments with other work - not to mention the rest of your life!

Advancefor organ scholars is designed to offer focussed advice on all the elements of an organ scholarship:

$1·         Preparing rehearsals

$1·         Conducting choirs

$1·         Accompanying psalms

$1·         Selecting appropriate voluntaries

$1·         Improvising, coping with performance nerves, and organising your time effectively. 

With access to many of Oxford’s chapels and their excellent organs, Advance will give you the boost you need to make the most of your organ scholarship. In classes, discussions, and over meals, compare notes with your peers, and imbibe the wisdom of our gurus!




You may be able to persuade your college or cathedral to contribute, or perhaps we can offer bursaries to support those who cannot afford the fee.