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Recital Awards

Recitals Awarded to Summer School Students



 Gloucester Cathedral

Jonathan Allsopp

 Halifax Minster

Henry Brearley

 Blackburn Cathedral

Alex Hamilton

 Bristol Cathedral

Laurence Long

 Chester Cathedral

Alex Hamilton

 Coventry Cathedral

Laurence Long

 Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin 

Alex Hamilton

 Truro Cathedral

Jonathan Allsopp

 Hereford Cathedral

Henry Websdale

 Southwark Cathedral

Charles Maxtone-Smith

 Portsmouth Cathedral

Laurence Long 27 Feb 2014  1.10pm

 Winchester Cathedral

Henry Websdale 12 Aug 2014  1pm

 Tewkesbury Abbey

Laurence Long

 Hexham Abbey


 Albert Hall, Nottingham

Henry Websdale

 Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Alex Palotai

 Clare College, Cambridge

Charles Maxtone-Smith 27 Apr 2014  5.30pm

 Queen's College, Oxford

Charles Maxtone-Smith

 Exeter College, Oxford

James Furniss-Roe

 St Andrew's University

Jack Spencer

 OLEM Cambridge

Jack Spencer

 St Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich

Chris Baczkowski

 St Peter's, Bournemouth

Alex Palotai

 Bromley Parish Chruch

Laurence Carden 19 Nov 2013  1pm

 St Michael's Cornhill, City of London

Jonathan Allsopp

 Marlborough Road Methodist,
 St Albans

Matthew Geer
Jason Richards

 St Michael's Framlingham
 (East Anglian Academy of Organ
 & Early Keyboard Music)

Henrty Websdale

 St Peter's, Hammersmith

Luke Fitzgerald

 St Lawrence, Alton

Alex Palotai