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Bursary Application Form 2014

Section 1: Personal Information

Section 2: Education

(If you are attending school at present, please state what examination courses you are following.
If you have left school, please list the qualifications you obtained.)

Details of Higher Education:

Section 3: Organ Studies

Details of your current organ teacher:
Details of your most recent music examination:

Section 4: Additional Information

(ie, other instruments played, participation in choirs, diplomas obtained, posts held, etc.)

Section 5: Reference

Please ensure that this bursary application is accompanied by your course application which must enclose a letter of reference from your organ teacher.

Applicants should send an accompanying email explaining the financial circumstances of the family as far as they have a bearing on the application. The email may be written by the applicant or by a parent, guardian or teacher. Any information given in this connection will be treated in confidence.